What to eat to get a better health

First of all, excuse any of my gramatical errors. English is not my first language.

There are thousands and thousands of opinions about what kind of food is good or healthy for us to eat. Some fight for low fat diets, other for low carb diets. Some even fight for a meat, dairy or flower free diet. Some eat nothing but raw food, others eat nothing but meat. No wonder people get confused.

Whatever you choose, choose something that suits YOUR body. For some people there is alot to be gained by eating mostly fat, for others there is a lot to be gaind by simply not eating dairy, and for those who are resitant to flower…well it speaks for its self. My body reacts totally different to some food than yours does. I have no chance in hell of loosing weight if I only eat bread and chicken for example. I need fat and a good protein to do that. (Regardless of what you will say about chicken, I will say that it is disgusting and shouldn’t be eaten by people, especially jugding by the way they treat chicken at the factories!!!). I get tired if I eat to much carbs, and I get bloated if I eat to much fat. Others might do with eating zero carbs and feeling great, while again others will be facing some serious emotional issues with next to none carbs.

The answear of what is healthy is not only based on what kind of food you’re eating, but your genetics as well. But a good place to start, without me shoveling my personal opinion down your throuth, is to eat more natural food. Stop eating those fish sticks and pizzarolls, and eat food who comes from the ground or has had a mother. Then you have come a long way towards a healthier body.

My best tips:

  1. Stop eating candy, treats, and other things that are filled with sugar or sweeteners. Be careful with artificial sweeteners as well, and it does not hurt to reduce the usage of natural sweeteners as well, as it keeps the body in sugar mode
  2. Never ever touch the food at McDonalds and BurgerKing. That is not food, it is something else. Food decomposes after a few days, that food looks totally the same as it did fresh two years later. Disgusting!
  3. Eat pure and lean food. No products filled with starch and what not. A norwegian fish finger is by example 5% fish, and not the good kind. The fish used is what is left when the fish has been slayed. So it contains both eyes, fins and all the other stuff. The rest is starch, like fine flower, spices, and crust made from fine bread. Not at all healthy. Your food should not be prosessed.
  4. I know it sounds lame but…EAT YOUR VEGGIES! They’re good for you!
  5. Limit your fruit intake, and eat your fruit with some fat, like 4-5 brazil nuts or almonds. Fruit is mostly sugar, so it is not as good for us as we might think, and the few vitamins in it can only be used by the body if it is beeing eaten with some fat.
  6. Drink water. It’s good for you, and no – you won’t throw up!
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How to suceed

First of all. Please exuse any of my gramatical errors. English is not my first language.

God, I’m so sick of people telling other people about how to suceed with their weightloss, weightgain, body toning, body building etc. They make it sound so simple and so easy that any idiot could do it. Those of you who have dieted, tried to pump up you muscle or done pilates without any results know what I am talking about, any idiot can’t do it.

It also bothers me that people can’t be left alone with their body. If you’re fat, most likely you will have had someone tell you to diet. If you’re skinny, you probably heard people saying that you have a scary disease, and if you limpy you have heard people telling you how to get defined. What a load of crap. I’ve been overweight my entire life. People have told me that numerous times. They’ve told me to diet in a fashionable manor just because they didn’t want to hurt my feelings. They’ve come up with advise ment in the best possible way. Yet, I never ever took their words to me and physically dieted. Why?

I’ll tell you why. It was because I, and I alone didn’t get to decide it. So over the course of a few years I didn’t hear people saying anything. I still gained some weight, was in terrible condition and didn’t feel so good. Then one day, out of nowhere I decided, and I alone, to diet. I still remember why and that terrible thing I saw on tv while eating crips. I felt so sick. So disgusted. And then I dieted. And I have suceeded with that.

In my mind my sucess is my own. I had NO help from anyone. I didn’t say to anyone that I was on a diet. I just did it. Everyone who has tried to diet know the humiliation when they have told everyone that they are on a diet, and then not to suceed. I didn’t want to speak of it. I was so selfconcious about my body, and wanted to do it on my own. Especially without my mother nagging me if I were to eat something I wasn’t supposed to on a diet. Oh, I can litterally hear her voice and her accusing outburst.

On the other hand. I had made up my mind. I was determed to make it. I was going to be thin. Simply because I was the one to make that decition. Not you, not them, not some magazine. Me!

I am so sick of people telling other people what to do. “Just eat less and work out more”. It isn’t qute as simple as that, and about 80% of the world doesn’t understand that. It is about SO much more, and much more than any stick thin person can comprehend. It is both about the physical and the mental. It’s about thoughts and feeling, how heavy you are and what kind of physical problems one has.

So here’s my rule on how to suceed: When doing something important (or not important), make sure that the decition to do it reflects back you and that you have made that decition on your own without beeing influent by someone who doesn’t (or does) have a clue.

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